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Adware - Spyware : Defend Against Keyloggers on World of Warcraft, Runescape, EVE-Online With QFX KeyScrambler
Posted by Max on 2009/2/17 6:28:14 (5193 reads)

QFX Software Corporation today released a new upgrade for KeyScramblerŽ, adding three most popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, World of Warcraft, Runescape, EVE-Online, and the most popular game distribution platform, Steam, to the long list of apps supported by its paid editions, KeyScrambler Professional and KeyScrambler Premium.

KeyScrambler encrypts users' keystrokes deep in the kernel and decrypts them at the destination application, giving keyloggers only random keys - "scrambled" and indecipherable - to record. Prices are unchanged for both. KeyScrambler Personal, a browser add-on, remains absolutely free.

"As more and more users understand how KeyScrambler works, more are asking for KeyScrambler to protect their favorite apps," says Qian Z. Wang, CEO of QFX Software. "A combined 30 million people are active players of WoW, Runescape, EVE-Online, or games on Steam so we've had lots of requests for KeyScrambler support. One of the reasons that KeyScrambler appeals to our users is that it works with other security programs and authentication methods like tokens and smart cards. The users appreciate that extra cushion of security that no other anti-keylogging software is able to give them."

KeyScrambler encrypts users' keystrokes deep in the kernel and decrypts them at the destination application, giving keyloggers only random keys - "scrambled" and indecipherable - to record. KeyScrambler defeats keyloggers known and unknown, and works even on security compromised computers.

A small download of 1.2 MB, KeyScrambler takes only a few minutes to install and requires no learning or effort from users. The unobtrusive interface lets users see encryption live and gives them peace of mind.

For web browsing and also for work and play, KeyScrambler Professional protects user inputs in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock and 15 other browsers and over 60 apps, including standalone email and IM/VoIP clients, password managers, zip programs, online poker games and MMOs. The complete list of supported apps is available at

KeyScrambler Premium is designed for enterprises, to enhance workplace information security. It supports over 100 apps, including over 40 business-oriented applications. KeyScrambler Premium protects users' login credentials in Windows workstation, Active Directory Domain, and Windows Vista's User Account Control prompts (UAC), a feature that helps prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to an enterprise's critical systems and also reduces risks that a single breached computer will allow an intruder to compromise other workstations and the company network.

Encrypting users' keystrokes in highly sensitive networking and encryption applications and finance, tax, and accounting programs, KeyScrambler Premium ensures that vital corporate information is shielded from existing and future keylogging threats. Integrating KeyScrambler into an enterprise requires no change to the existing infrastructure. And deployment is as simple for multiple computers as for a single one.

Prices are unchanged for KeyScrambler Professional and KeyScrambler Premium, at $29.99 and $44.99 respectively, with free upgrades and support for up to two years, and with discounts for multiple licenses.

KeyScrambler Personal, a browser add-on, remains absolutely free for all users. Supporting Internet Explore, Firefox, and Flock, KeyScrambler Personal encrypts everything the user types on a website and protects user credentials, online banking logins, and credit cards; messages in Yahoo mail, hotmail, and gmail; and private info in Java, Flash, Browser Dialogs, and browser master passwords.

All three upgraded KeyScramblers are immediately available at the company's website:

Since its initial launch in August 2006, KeyScrambler has a growing customer base of over 700,000 active users. KeyScrambler Personal has recently been recommended by PC World as one of the "15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads."

About QFX Software Corporation:
QFX Software is a developer of security software based in Ormond Beach, Florida. QFX Software strives to better protect the world's computer users with its innovations, indefatigable product improvement and dedicated customer service.

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