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Identity Theft - Phishing : Hide My IP 2009 - Anonymous Surfing Software from My Privacy Tools
Posted by Max on 2009/2/15 10:32:48 (8183 reads)
Identity Theft - Phishing

My Privacy Tools, Inc. announced today the release of Hide My IP 2009, the latest version of the popular Windows-based anonymous web surfing software. This latest edition brings new features and improvements over previous versions of the software.

Encryption mode, cookie blocking, browser masking, and hundreds more proxy IPs are just some of the new features included in this year's release of the award-winning anonymous surfing software Hide My IP 2009. Praised by the international community, this privacy tool continues to allow users to bypass censorship restrictions on the Internet while protecting their identify.

The hottest new feature included in version Hide My IP 2009 appears to be the encrypted connection mode, which enables users to encrypt all their Internet traffic between their PC and their proxy IP address using 128-bit SSL encryption, the same technology major banks use for online banking. This encrypted tunnel not only prevents the user's ISP or government from monitoring their Internet activity, but also thwarts hackers from snooping on unsecured Internet traffic on WiFi hotspots.

Other new features of Hide My IP 2009 include User Agent and Referrer masking, allowing users to prevent information about their operating system, web browser, software installed on their PC, and the website they were previously visiting from being exposed to every site they visit. Many websites frequently collect and use this information to profile their visitors or implement content restrictions. By allowing users to modify or block these bits of information, Hide My IP 2009 gives users more control over their web surfing activities.

Users may also opt to upgrade to the Hide My IP Premium Service, enabling access to hundreds more IP addresses, faster browsing, and other features for a small monthly fee of $8.95 or $84.95 per year.

My Privacy Tools continues to offer free minor software updates, free technical support by phone and E-mail, and free help on the company forums where users may receive answers from technical staff or assist each other.

About My Privacy Tools, Inc:
My Privacy Tools, Inc is a private corporation based in Encinitas, California. Founded in 2006, the company launched it's first privacy software product Hide My IP, allowing users to hide or change their IP address while surfing websites. The San Diego based software company continues to develop new and useful solutions for people concerned about protecting their online privacy. Hide My IP® is a registered trademark of My Privacy Tools, Inc. For more information about My Privacy Tools, please visit http://www.hide-my-ip.com

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